Do you want to dye your curls


    In this fashionable age, Are you had a perm.. Do you dye your hair?? After all, everyone says, When you dye your hair, you'll be more beautiful. But is this truth? The following will tell you the question of whether the hair of the long hair is to be dyed to look good!

    In fact, Whether long curly hair need to dye, depend on individual temperament mainly.
    It's better not dye it if you are sven type, Because black hair is more spiritual.  If your skin very white, It would be more watery and beautiful ,  It's like this black mid-length curly hair, Medium length, To the scrolls of the shoulder,  Make it looks very classical.
    If you're more fashionable, It would be nice to dye it. Like chestnut, flax, etc. It looks edgy and cute. The curly-haired girl in the fashion line might as well have a try.



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