The Runway Challenge


I often get questions about what is the craziest outfit I had in a show or other things that makes parading back and forth on a catwalk a little more exciting. Here are some pictures I quickly found.

1. Tiia Vanhatapio: Balancing heavy horns in superhigh heels. Looked amazing since the models seemed 3 meters tall 2. Gilles et Dada: My hair was taped to my boobs because it was a daytime show and we didn´t want to reveal too much. Although the net seems seetrough I couldn´t see anything (crdit Lena Aro) 3. Olivia bag show: with a broken arm it was not easy to carry about 10 bags and baloons and smile all at the same time 4. Marimekko: More ballons with broken arm 5. Tigi Photo awards: Definitely one of the craziest looks I ever had. The dress is made of Persil packages 6. Marimekko: walking on water. Sooo slippery but looked beautiful!!(credit 


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