What a better way to star the week than taking on a 10 Minute Burpee Challenge.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

I have done a 7-minute burpee challenge some years ago and now I figured why not to up my game and really challenge myself. I’m a runner (HIIT and uphill-HIIT mostly) so increasing my heart rate to the point of puking isn’t exactly news to me, but burpees are. Burpees, like rowing, which is another thing I rarely  do (as it sends my heart rate through the roof... why am I not doing this? I really should) are so different from runnign or spin which I am so used to that I really need to push myself to break a sweat which is why I went in to this knowing that I would likely to pass out. 

It wasn’t all that bad.

I mean yes, it certainly would have been, but I really took my time with the burpees (as it's my first attempt after...2+ years? Reasons (=excuses) that I keep telling myself. Once I get the technique right and used to the idea of jumping up and down for 10 minutes straights, I’ll start paying attention to the quantity. Hell, I lost count after the first 2 minutes had barely kicked in. If I really start doing this daily and drive myself to the point where the heart rate starts to climb real good, I am sure it will do wonders to my endurance (and physique). Challenge accepted, let's recap after the first 14 days are behind me. 


Today’s Session:


Warm Up:

25 min Spinning, uphill with 30 sec sprints (rest 30 sec)

15 min run, incline set to 10. 40 sec sprints (rest 30 sec)

10 min burpee challenge


Leg press – Drop sets

Walking lunges


Sumo Deadlifts

Romanian Deadlifts

Kettlebell One-Legged deadlift



50 jumping squats

50 Mountain Climbers

50 Burpees



Feelings? Amazing. Easy to love a 5am workout after this one! Hopefully your week is off to as good of a start as mine! 



Silly but I find that a new gym gear keeps my motivation up better than seeing results of my intense, 5am work-outs. I can’t really explain why I care about updating my gear or trying out new diets, supplements, superfoods etc. more than I do about the results. Results are more like a bonus whereas everything else… feels like a lifestyle, way of life (one woman’s opinion, I refuse to believe that I hit the gym each morning solely for weight loss. Nah, I’m all about the energy and amazing feeling!) 

As I mentioned earlier, I took a little vacation earlier this summer to relax. During my break I participated on a little boot camp to stay active, meaning that I gathered all my old gym gear and left them behind. My suitcase a few kilos lighter, I saw this as a perfect opportunity to order new gear to replace the ones I had left behind.

As luck would have it, I CAN I WILL started their huge inventory sale around the same time I was browsing around the web for inspiration. I have used ICIW before, so I know the quality – and fit – to be very good, durable and incredibly flattering to wear. I especially fancy their seamless collection which, lucky me, is also on sale. Warmly recommend checking out the sale if you are looking to update your gear, or need an extra boost of motivation like myself ;) 

Also, now that I am focused and motivated again, I figured fixing my diet back in order couldn’t hurt either. Grocery shopping happens to be one of my favorite activities along with meal planning and trying out new vegan/vegetarian recipes. I haven’t really been that big on the super- and raw foods trend but now I feel awfully tempted to give them a try. Any tips for a lazy chef on a milk and gluten-free vegetarion diet (fish is alright though)?



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Firstly, apologies for the awfully long silence – past months have been challenging at best: major life changes, a few challenges on the way and new beginnings. All in all, very good things but as you have seen, there hasn’t been much time for anything else than getting life back on track.

So. What have I been up to lately? Nothing too exciting, unfortunately.

I took a little trip to clock off for a moment. I was disconnected from the world which felt pretty damn good (once you get used to not having internet on you at all times). This gave me an opportunity to breath in and contemplate, clear my head and take care of my mind and body. A complete detox, good vibes, fresh food, sports and rest only.  



As I landed back to Helsinki, I packed up my things in boxes – yet again – and moved in with my lovely boyfriend. Sharing his 50m^2 flat is a temp solution as we are currently looking for a new, slightly bigger apartment (which, I am guessing, we will have to renovate from floors to ceiling – a sarcastic yay to that). Dividing my time between the apartment hunt, demanding times at the office, few personal projects on the side and living in the middle of a cardboard-box jungle has certainly taken its toll on me (and him, I am sure). It has only been few months but it surely feels longer. I am in need of some Sun, Sea and Quiet yet again. 


In the middle of all this, I haven’t had much inspiration (read: energy) to write, research or be present on Social Media. Luckily though, we are starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Baby steps but we will get there. Counting the days, minutes. Even though it has only been few months since my trip but it surely feels longer. I find myself dreaming about some Sun and Sea, far away from the cold and rain - yes, I am that person who is still rocking the streets of Helsinki in my wool scarf and leather jacket. 


It's good to be back

... even though I am still tired as hell.