Maybe a small step for u, but a huge step for me


As a former PC user I have to say that with a new job I also got a new gadget to play with – Mac! A totally new area for me. And it seems to take some time to get to know the tool. Even though everybody says that it is sooo easy to use. Sooner you can think you will forget PC world wouldn’t change back. I just hope so.. this is my second week with this machine and I am still searching basic things during the day. And of course cursing that there is no delete key, just back space. Wroah! Does this thing have a notepad that doesn't think, so I can copy/paste texts thought the notes and put them forward without any formats.. I haven't found. 

Are there anybody else who shares the same frustration with me?

I am just waiting for the new mobile phone.. I have always used Nokia – now I turned my back to the old buddy and I’m waiting for my new iPhone to arrive.. Let’s see how much grey hair I’ll get then?! 


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