Midsummer Party in the middle of the winter


Only in Finland - or what would you say about this? I got an invitation from my sister for a party with a theme "Juhannus" - Midsummer Party. Well.. I really had to read the invitation twice before I understood that the party is going to take place Now - in the middle of the coldest winter.. hrr.. 

But hey, here is a photo gallery from the summer party at Hietaniemenranta. 

And yes, we had some makkaranpaisto as well! It was Quite freezing outside.. but we Finns tend to survive even if it is freezing cold and sleet sticks to your face. Brr.. With a panda face, when mascaras are spread all over the cheeks. Nice!

Take a look at this inner ward! :) Old Forssan kirjapaino was earlyer at the same building. Now there is a company called Havas Worldwide Helsinki - and the party was their housewarming party. I was my sisters "juhannusheila", Midsummer fellow

There wasn't a bonfire at the backyard- but when I saw this picture- I could just say that there Was a bonfire!! Thanks to iPhone pics..

Some more feelings -the view and hey, the chocolate.

Looking good?


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