when you dont want it

you dont

but when you think you cant

all you want is to get it

when its something yours

you want to keep it

because its the thing

just for you

you feel the need to hide it

from the world

its your little hiding place

you keep returning

its not for anyones eyes

but yours

and when its to be seen

no more untouched

you feel its littered

by shame

of other eyes and thoughts

you want to get rid of it

or change its course

make up a new place

or a way to outsource

because you feel remorse

but when the thing

doesnt give you more

it doenst make sense

you dont want it

you dont even think about it

youre no more tense

and there will be no eyes

nor thoughts

you feel you need to flee

and you can set yourself free



its not about you

its about nothing

anyone could do

its about

how i feel

and how i am

all i have for now

is to say no

i cant be like this


i cant wait for happiness

i cant be like

maybe tomorrow

maybe next week

next year

or what ever

im so sad

all i want is to cry

i ruin myself

wanting to change

im acting like a fool

im just a fucking child

i do what i want to

laugh and have fun

avoiding responsability

all i want is to be loved

and without a stress

not anyone to take me down

or make me frown

all i want

is someone to share my loneliness



i live for the night

when theres no light

i as well might

be myself

i dont think too much

i might

go overboard

but i feel alive

like i dont have to hide

i sometimes wonder

if i do the things

for me

or someone watching

here in the dark

no one sees me

and i feel fine

i live for the night

i am in the night

i am the night

and the night is the most alive