oh my hands hurt


on these things

we should have let go


oh my hands hurt

not to touch you


my muscles ache

trying to carry us

and i think

i can no  more



im changing

and ive changed

everything i was

ive said goodbye


my appearance

my thoughts

and all the things

that used to be true


im not the same

not anymore

do you want

the one i was

or can you love

the one i have become


i am more

than i ever wished i was

i dont need struggle

i can speak my mind

yet i am not

weak and full of sorrow

not anyone to rescue


can you see me

as i am new

and full of power i gained

from all the pain before



im between bars

can i pass them

just walking through


like a cat

as my bones crack

can i trespass

any door

i wonder


just go below

leave scratches on the window

tell you im sorry

and run


i see a shadow

how weird

how faded its got

so hollow


i cant even recognize her

even if i wanted to


she has no nails

she has no bones

her feet are torn

her heart is too sore


its too hard to see her

she wants me gone

she has no answers

no she has none


when the cat is out

mice dance on the table

she doesnt mind

shes off the battle