Bad hair day

Nordic Skin

Today I was avoiding studying for an exam and was going through Pinterest and noticed people posting these "how to do your hair fast. Super easy. Anyone can do this!" -pictures. No, it is not fast and no it's not easy.  I'm awful at doing up my hair. I mean, how am I supposed to handle this much hair? Seriously, I can't see or reach the back of my head so how am I supposed to be able to "braid it here" or "pin it here". Also, not everyone has the patience to try.

So here's a picture of my most worn hair do and instructions on how to DIY. This one I promise is super easy!

What you need: 15 seconds of your time and one of these little elastic hair bands: 

How to do it: Just gather up all your hair in your fist and randomly fasten all hair with and elastic band. Simple!

I'm glad to have helped you.

Btw, I haven't dyed my hair in over a year because I'm trying to grow back my natural hair color. I really like my own color although you can't really see it in this picture since I took it with Instagram and I treid out some of their filters.


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