Nordic Skin

The -12 degrees we have outside made me think of summer and sunshine and reminded me of an essential part of summer: festivals.

I'm not a huge music fan and I rarely go all apeshit about bands (except for Pariisin kevät) and I don't really follow the music scene that much but I do love to go to festivals! I used to go pretty often to rock festivals when I was younger but then stopped going for a few years. Last summer for the first time in years I went to Ruisrock to see the Prodigy and Pariisin Kevät and also to hang out with the NESU people (Nordiska Ekonomie Studerandes Union. It was an incredible weekend! It was the hottest weekend of the summer and we had such a great time. We also had a sitsfest before the festival on Saturday morning and after a six month break abroad it was so nice to get back to Finnish university traditions.

When I go to festivals I really like to dress up in a bit of a hippy style. If it's warm I usually just put on a dress that I don't mind getting dirty. Also a bikini is a must if it's really warm (it's also nice to go swimming in between the gigs since there's always water around in Finland). At Ruisrock this is what I wore:

That's a picture of me with the Dudesons. I was just disapointed that my favorite Dudeson Jukka wasn't there. Oh well...better luck next time.

The skirt: What I'm wearing is actually an old dress from H&M. It was so hot there that I had to tie the top part onto my waist to make it into a skirt. This is also why you should always wear a bikini underneath!

Bikini top: Lindex

Bag: This red bag I bought in some shop in San Francisco when we were on a road trip in America. We went to the old hippie  neighbourhood of Haight Ashbury. It was filled with really interesting vintage and second hand shops. You should go there if you're ever in that part of the world.

Sunglasses: These Wayferer -style glasses I bought last spring from Mauerpark in Berlin. That is seriously the coolest place ever! It's like a market place where you can find almost anything. Old eastern Germany stuff, jewlery, clothes, food, books etc. It's a really fascinating place! The sunglasses however didn't turn out to be such a good idea since after like 6 hours in the sun I ended up looking like this:

Well they told me that Wayferers were in fashion so I decided to tattoo them onto my face with a tan...

This year I've decided to have the best summer of my life and go to festivals again. I'm really looking forward to the Flow Festival. I've never been there but one of my all time favorites Björk is performing there so I really have to go! I love her music and she is such an inventive dresser. A few years back I was in Reykjavik and I really liked the way people dressed there. Their styles were really unique!

I'm so in love with this Björks dress:

I wish I had the courage to wear something like that. My student societys annual ball is coming up so maybe.... 

I saw this shirt in Monki in September and it really reminded me of this Björks dress. It's not the same thing but you get the point.

How about you? Are you going to some festivals this summer?

By the way, I promise I'll learn to take better photos at some point but at the moment I'm sooooo busy with everything that I just haven't had the time. At least with the crappy photos this blog looks a lot more like me. Rusty and unfinished.



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