My christmas party look and make up products (22.11.2017)

Anni N

Its almoust december! I have been feeling a little bit christmas with the last weeks. I can notice that when I start to get this crazy christmas tarts gazzling attacks, because its always since one year I ate them last time! I have been missing you christmas food! I decided this week that Im gonna terminate myself tomorrow, so I will have almoust the whole december free! So cool, I will enjoy as much as I can, and I have been planning to do this little trip to London. (I have been always dreaming to see it with christmas time!) Cant waith!

I have been working with last weeks so hard, and now Im just spending my second freeday after 8 days work period. Waking at 5 and coming back to home at 17 clock, and doing very physical work, I felt myself so tired and exhausted yesterday morning that I was just crying in the carpet and eating more christmas tarts....Haha, and I was just thinking whats wrong with me, but u know when you feel like you havent have actually anything else in your life than work and computer and food with very very unsocial life. But I have actually done this work because of money, even I like it still, and now I really have to start search work with marketing area after christmas. :)

So after this little information, the true fact is still, that I dont have any christmas party in the offing, phyää! But I believe there will come some events where I can dress up and wear this red lipstick, what I would super excited about! I love christmas party with every way <3 The feeling when u can see people and friends with good food, lights and candles during there is dark and cold in outside.

I love this look with very glam, but natural eyes, when it gives more contrast for the red lipstick.

1. GOSH- Velvet touch lipstick. This lipstick has an amazing value for money! It stays long and it really gives a perfect velvet touch!

2. NAKED 3- eyeshadow palette. I actually used just one of this colours for this look, but the palette is perfect if u wanna get rosy gold eye look and u like more cold colours. I used the gold shimmery colour from the middle named THRICK.

3. GATRICE- Liquid metal eyelight. This is the top 3!!! This product is amazing! I found this cheap brand from supermarket and i can just adore this! The pigment is so good and it stays so well and it doesnt move during the whole day. This is pure love! U can notice the shine from the next picture.


Hope u all will have an amazing party times! Enjoy<3


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