Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day, Finland! During the past years I have met a lot of persons who are older than Finland as an Independent country.

I have been thinking often,  how do they keep their positive attitude. How have they taken care of their health, experienced World War I & II. Lived a memorable and long life.

Common thing between these persons is that they have taken care of themselves, but they are not selfish. They are friendly, sometimes even humble. They know what they want from their life without forgeting to be generous and friendly to others. Family has been important for them and relatives. There are different stories of life and some of them are nowadays lonely. This brought up the question about Finland on its 96th Anniversary.

How is Finland doing in 2013?

Finland in 2013

Microsoft bought Nokia services and devices.

Jolla launched its first smartphone

Supercell surprised continuously

We are building the New Children´s Hospital for 2017.

StartUps do a great job, but what can we do for Finland?

What about being more entrepreneur-minded in actions while being entrepreneurs or employees in this multicultural society.


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