Sydämellisesti tervetuloa tutustumaan uuteen, MILK COPENHAGEN AW18 -mallistoon sekä syksyn trendeihin! Valikoimastamme löydät naisten ja lasten vaatteita (koot 98-164 / XS-XL), joista esillä mallikappaleet. 

MILK COPENHAGENin estetiikka puhuttelee sekä isoja että pieniä ihmisiä, joilta löytyy silmää hieman poikkeuksellisille yksityiskohdille. Inspiraatio on haettu aikuismuodin uusimmista vaikutteista, ja kohtaamme lapset heidän tasollaa. MILK COPENHAGENin laatuvaatimukset ovat korkealla, mutta hinnat on pidettävä alhaalla, jotta kaikilla olisi varaa vaatteisiimme. 

Toivoisin, että ilmoittaisit tulostasi sähköpostitse ( tai kommentoimalla alle, jotta osaan varautua tuloosi - olen paikalla 11-17 mutta saatan karata lounaalle tai palaveriin jossain vaiheessa päivää :) 


Nähdään perjantaina Postitalolla, ihanaa viikon jatkoa!


PS. Vaatteita myydään ainostaan edustajien kautta, sekä pian verkkokaupassa. Voit siis olla yhteydessä minuun mikäli sinulla on kysyttävää meistä, mallistosta tai tilauksen tekemisestä - autan mielelläni!  



Terkkuja Tanskasta! 


Meillä on ollut ihana viikonloppu takana yhdessä MILK COPENHAGEN -tiimin kanssa. Olemme päässeet ihastelemaan pian lanseerattavaa, naisten ja lastenvaatemallistoa sekä kuulemaan suunnittelijan vision sekä ajatusmaailman mallistojen takana. 

Pakko sanoa, että edessä on ihanan pirteä ja iloinen syksy! Jopa kaltaiseni mustia vaatteita suosiva löysi valikoimasta monta Must Have -tuotetta :) Itselleni mahtava uutinen oli se, että saamme tänä syksynä ensimmäistä kertaa myös naisten xs -koon. Jipii, ennen tätä olen tilannut vaatteet aina tyttöjen puolelta ja jäänyt kaiholla ihastelemaan naisten valikoimaa. Innostus! 

Tässä teille muutama teaser tulevasta - lisää pääsee näkemään perjantaina 24.8. Postitalolla Pop Up -tapahtumassa. Mikäli haluat kutsun tapahtumaan, laittele vaikka kommenttia alle tai sähköpostia suoraan minulle:, laitan sinut listalle ja kutsun tulemaan. 






Ihanaa sunnuntaita 


I hadn't heard about FitLine before 2018 when I met a promoter at a networking event. My immediate reaction, as always, was rather sceptic: "brilliant, yet another expensive supplement you don't really need that promises a better life". I did stay and listen what the promoter had to stay, walked away and soon forgot about the product line. 

About 6 months later, I met another person who has similar problems with nutrition, recovery and digestion. She told me that she'd been using FitLine Optimal Set and has been very happy with the results. According to her, products really deliver their promise: energy, recovery and basic nutritions that care for your digestive system. Biggest difference for her had been more stable energy levels throughout the day, and improved digestive system (very much like me, her stomach is also extremely sensitive to everything from dairy to gluten). 

This time I went online to check out the products as I was tempted: thought about living without a rock hard, bloaded belly after every time I ate was quite tempting. I was soon spooked by the high price of the 3-month Optimal Set and closed the browser. 

The next morning I started calculating the daily prices per portion for the Optimal Set. 3,7€ ain't that bad, one less protein bar. Then I started browsing through the ingredients lists: fair enough, all the minerals and vitamins that you need to support / improve your health are there, and it would likely to cost me more money if I were to buy each of these vitamins separately from a drug store. 

What ever, let's give them a try. I've got a steady income and if there's even a small chance that FitLine Optimal Set can help me to ease my symptoms, it's worth the money. Messaged my friend, she placed my order for me and less than a week later, my 3-month supply of every day essentials arrived.

No regrets. 

FitLine Optimal Set contains three products: Basics, Activize and Restorate. Good health starts from within, which is why a healthy diet is the key to everything. FitLine Optimal Set gives the extra support for the body and mind by providing us with vital vitamins and minerals on a daily basis. (At this point, I also want to point out that there is a Scientific Experts Team behind FitLine / BeautyLine product development, that combines expertise from medicine, nutritional science, biochemistry and food chemistry. For a suspicious consumer such as myself, this along with the company's other merits, were the proof that I needed to ensure that these match the high standards of quality AND safety we all share and deserve) .

Anyway, let's take a look at Basics first: 

Basics treats our digestive system with the best parts of fruits, vegetables, fibers, live lactic bacteria for daily needs and 32 different enzymes. It also contains C, A, K and E vitamins as well as selenium which are natural antioxidants. While supplying our body with nutrients, it also vitalizes the digestive system and boosts our immune defense. What Basics does, is clense and treat our intestines, helps to build a healthy bacterial flora and provides a strong antioxidant base to boost our immune system. 

For me, Basics is the key in treating my IBS-like symptoms. Stronger immune systen is also a nice bonus but healthy digestive system makes all the difference for me. 

Activize provides the body with those substances that our body needs to produce energy. I notice that my ability to concentrate and perform improves, which is thank to vitamin B. My mind has also been totally blown as my ability to perform (I am a HIIT -trainer and a runner, gym every day!) whilst my oxygen intake levels have also increased. Amazing feeling, did not see this coming! 

The coffeine in Activize is generated from Guarana. Guarana enhances the absorption of vitamin B: people consume a lot of vitamin B when we have stress, excersize, consume alcohol or are going through something that is emotionally or physically challenging. So, if you are feeling low, lack of energy or have difficult time performing / remembering, this might indicate that you suffer from the lack of vitamin B. Activize also contains vitamin C to contribute to normal energy yelding metabolism. 

My favorite, Restorate, has 10 highly nutritious minerals for better regeneration. With zinc balancing our acid-base, vitamin D contributing to our immune system funtion and magnesium contributing to nervous system and normal muscle funtion, this makes the perfect night cap to enhance recovery after excersize. Knocks me out every time and gives me a solid 8 hours of sleep which is super, super rare for me! 

Few signs of unbalanced acid-base can be tiredness, difficulty to fall asleep, inconsistent sleep, cellulite, feeling bloaded and weak nails / hair / skin. Restorate helps to balance the acid-base and your body to recover during the night. 


Like I mentioned briefly, behind FitLine products are a team of Experts to ensure the highest quality standards. Products have been granted a GMP Standard, which is the highest, international standard for product/incredient cleanliness and safety (pharmacy products), DIN ISO 9001 -quality standards, while the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology acts as a strategic partner to further improve all FitLine and BeautyLine products towards more innovative and ecological products within wellness, fitness and beauty. 

Unique to FitLine products, NTC® (Nutrien Transport Concept) helps nutrients to absorb to the body up to 90-95% to cell level, whereas capsules absorb far less. Pretty neat, isn't it? 

Along with full 8 hours of great sleep, increased performance at the gym, steadier energy levels and mood as well as functioning bowel, I don't get sick as often as I used to (I used to get every single stomach flu out there, probably because I spend so much time at the gym and use public transportation daily). Also, as Activize boosts energy metabolism, I can honestly say that I have less cellulite on my ass than I used to - this is not only due to Activize, my HIIT and gym training is also a key factor here but Activize has given me the extra boost towards smoother skin. 


I will definitely carry on with FitLine Optimal Set becuase they have given me more good things that I could have imagined possible. Sure, they are not a magic potion but combined with otherwise healthy diet and excersize, they will help the body to get the important nutrients and vitamins that it might be lacking. Only way is to give them a try and see how they work for you. At the end of the day it's a question of inner and outer health through basic nutrients, energy and recovery. 


If  you would like to try the FitLine Optimal Set for 3 months, which is the recommended minimum, please don't hesitate to contact me, or discover your favorites from FitLine Online Store. FitLine has a return policy of 30 days, so if you are not satisfied or you feel that they are a bad fit, you are able to return your order for a complete refund. 


Small step towards a healthier life, at least I have been truly impressed by the products and company behind it!

Have a lovely weekend