All Business, No Play - AW18 Is About Making Women Feel Good (and Powerful)

With Naistenpäivä and Mother's Day (in the UK) behind us and #MeToo,  #TimesUp "movements" on everybody's lips, it feels appropriate to talk about the Louis Vuitton AW18 collection. 

In my opinion, the autumn/winter 2018 collections have succesfully highlighted the empowerement of women by showing us pieces that have been designed to make women feel good, strong and confident. Animal prints, leather dresses, capes, tweed and futuristic silver, each of these AW18 trends reminded me of an armour, a uniform to signal the strength of a modern day woman who is capable of success and all great things, just like men. 


Reason why I wanted to bring up Louis Vuitton AW18 is because to me, that collection included so  many great pieces designed for the business women of the wolrd. As Ghesquiére said "She wants to be free and make choices... We forget that some very strong women wore feminine outfits, and I love this idea of women, who were changing the world and did not have to dress like men, or for men" ( To celebrate women, I thought this collection was among the top choices - the inspiration came from the (strong) women in Geshquiére's life, and it speaks to all of us - free, strong and confident. 









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