Motivation? Got it.

Silly but I find that a new gym gear keeps my motivation up better than seeing results of my intense, 5am work-outs. I can’t really explain why I care about updating my gear or trying out new diets, supplements, superfoods etc. more than I do about the results. Results are more like a bonus whereas everything else… feels like a lifestyle, way of life (one woman’s opinion, I refuse to believe that I hit the gym each morning solely for weight loss. Nah, I’m all about the energy and amazing feeling!) 

As I mentioned earlier, I took a little vacation earlier this summer to relax. During my break I participated on a little boot camp to stay active, meaning that I gathered all my old gym gear and left them behind. My suitcase a few kilos lighter, I saw this as a perfect opportunity to order new gear to replace the ones I had left behind.

As luck would have it, I CAN I WILL started their huge inventory sale around the same time I was browsing around the web for inspiration. I have used ICIW before, so I know the quality – and fit – to be very good, durable and incredibly flattering to wear. I especially fancy their seamless collection which, lucky me, is also on sale. Warmly recommend checking out the sale if you are looking to update your gear, or need an extra boost of motivation like myself ;) 

Also, now that I am focused and motivated again, I figured fixing my diet back in order couldn’t hurt either. Grocery shopping happens to be one of my favorite activities along with meal planning and trying out new vegan/vegetarian recipes. I haven’t really been that big on the super- and raw foods trend but now I feel awfully tempted to give them a try. Any tips for a lazy chef on a milk and gluten-free vegetarion diet (fish is alright though)?



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