My Latest Obsession: Headbands!

I'm not afraid to say it out loud. I love Gossip Girl, I have seen all season about 5 times and planning to start my 6th GG-marathon soon. Serena gives me nighmares but Blair, her I love. Sure, she's a handful but I appreciate her being a strong female, aiming to build her own career, or an empire whilst not being afraid of speaking up her mind - a character that I can pretty much relate to. 

Serena did have a better wardrobe from the beginning but Blair, with her closet, evolved through out the seasons and by the final season, her closet was by far my favourite. Her headbands, though, those I loved from the first episode.



Photo: CW



Headbands are one of the things from the 90's that I don't mind making a comeback - bigger, shinier and louder the better! A few of my favorites from Asos, inspired by Blair - 

This number is from Cosmopolitan




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