How to price your work?

I'm sitting in class. We are talking about customer projects. Again.
We ask about pricing our work and selves. Again.
The teachers give us vague answers and tell us to research the Internet. AGAIN!
"It depends..." Well yeah, of course it depends. But on what?

The world of design is a creative cloud. The end result of a work effort is very distinctive. The cost of YOU depends on your experience and attitude - how much YOU think your time and effort is worth and do you have the guts to ask for it? The question of pricing is lingering in the air like a ghost and I get frustrated just thinking about it. But behold! I found a treasure chest!

I came across this website called LogoDesignLove. I have a passion towards logos and brands so I was thrilled. And then I found it - a post from February that has a video called "How to price design services?" It lasts about half an hour and is filled with concrete examples and advice about pricing your work. The guy, Chris Do, tells you how to make up the value of YOU.

I'm going to come back to the video again and again, taking notes, but for now a few points for all of us designers to take with us.

  • Confidence!
  • Know the value of the customer to their customers
  • The customer won't go for the best design but the least risky one
    • Don't try to convince you're better in design than your competition - make them believe your design reduces the risks
  • Learn how to talk business with the customer
  • Go big - be confident!

Confidence is sexy. That applies also to the business world. Especially in the business world.
Don't spend your life just trying to figure out your worth. Make your worth. And if that feels uncomfortable, go for it anyway. Fake it 'till you make it. You'll get there. I know I will.

Think about it.

​And have a good night!