Interior Design at its Finest

There was an interior design show in Vancouver last weekend which I attended. I was giddy. There is a similar show held every September in Finland, which I missed this time for obvious reasons. I was excited to see the Vancouver version and I gotta say, I was surprised how small it was. Even more surprising is that something like this is bigger in Finland than it is in Vancouver.

Anyhow I liked the exhibition. There were a few things that stood out.

Anyuta Gusakova is a Russian artist who has lived in Vancouver for years during which she found her calling in art. She does these cute and beautiful pieces of sculptures one of which is a MoBear - the Molecular Bear. The bear is made out of the same molecules the whole world is made out of. And if the molecules fall apart they can reform into something completely new and exciting. MoBear is a molecule of Teddybearium. It's a happy thought bear since Teddybearium is a happy matter of childhood. I thought the story was adorable. And I got to see the artist herself and hear all these wonderful stories behind the artwork and maybe some new ones in the future. If only I had the money...

Caesarstone makes counters and whatnot out of stone - as the name implies. They had beautiful clean countertops they were showing at the exhibition and the most peculiar (and fun) thing I've seen at any exhibition yet. They had two merry-go-rounds made out of luxurious stone with bars coloured gold to hold on to. One of the salespersons talked me into it - she span me around. It was fun. And they had these pencil crayons in a tiny, cute box for free. As a design student I really appreciate them.

Inform stand stood in the middle of the space as box made out of two-way shelves. Customer walked around admiring all the products and crabbing some to buy. The guy selling the products stood inside. So sleek, simple and structured - as were the products, oozing Scandinavian design. I got a bit homesick. Lucky for me Inform is a Danish brand so it's quite close to home when I get the urge to go shopping for this beautiful Scandinavian stuff. And I will.

Three very different styles, products and approaches (just to name a few from the lovely exhibit) and yet I'm drawn to them all. Maybe someday I'll have something from them all. After all this student life.

Think about it.

And have a good night.