Redesigning a book

So this blog is for the course I'm taking at KPU called Publication Design. The assignment for last week was to redesign two spreads of a book we didn't find as appealing as it could've been. My book was Holiday Buzz from Cleo Coyle published in 2012. It's about a barista solving a murder around the holiday season.

The old design was a paperback with all these curvy typeface. I was not impressed. While doing the redesign we didn't have to worry about publishing costs or any of that but I still wanted to go with a small paperback size. The pages ended up being a bit wider and a bit more longer than the original book. I wanted to have the "festive holiday season" kind of a vibe and so I thought the elongated pages with the text emphasising that made the book have a hint of a Gatsby feeling.

With a few corrections I would've made after returning the mockups, I still like my design. It's simple and elegant. And what's even more amazing is that before the second class of the course I had never even opened InDesign. So this is a huge learning experience for me. Luckily I'm somewhat familiar with Photoshop and Illustrator, so it could've been worse.

Under this you can compare the old and the new design. Just have a guess which is which.

Think about it.

And have a good night. Again. I gotta start blogging earlier in the day.