Learning assignment #4 -Evaluation

Fairly put the structure of the implementation plan was based on the questions I was answering along the way that guided the assignment, so I wouldn’t compliment the structure too much, but it was clear and concise nevertheless.


I think the implementation did complement the needs of the selected target group as much as it could. Target group was mainly young adults and they are very big on the social media I selected, Youtube and Instagram.


Selected social media tools and environments fit together just fine, Youtube being videography friendly and Instagram mainly photos, what could be a better fit. And youngsters and these social media services – same!


Content of the implementation can be taken to the next level, maybe broaden the second hand markets abroad and promoting thrifters paradise over seas? Improving quality as technology moves on is important as well. Using some kind of an app for timing and scheduling posts each day is a good way to improve also, so you can design posts in the weekend and just schedule them to be posted each day on a timely manner.


As new ways to utilizing social media, I discovered before mentioned app that allows your posts to be scheduled to publish. Also live content was fairly new to me, and questionnaires on Instagram as well.

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