Pinja the Ninja

Pinja the Ninja

Do you know these cute stuffed slippers that little girls like to wear? For me, those were sound killers. I couldn´t walk Con sordino in his home without these soft muters. Even though I lived there, he emphasized that the square meters were his when he wanted to point out something to me. When I behaved my way, he felt uninvited at my home, and my behaviour was unacceptable. In this cross-wave, I decided to consider myself a homeless person.

There was a period in the life before when it was his home. He told me, with the voice of the master of the house, that it was his. He paid the rent, and I was just a person who annoyed him by keeping it tip-top, making 3-course dinners every other evening and not doing a real job outside the home. He was doing the most challenging job in the world, extremely demanding that the sound coming from my heels was too much.

“Don´t you know how to walk?”

“Don´t you know how to walk?” It wasn´t a question. It was a teaser for the 70´s martial arts movie because he again amused me with the stories of when he was the Aikido grand master in his university years. There was a sensei who told the students to attack him silently and who was capable of moving like a ninja would get a bottle of Scotch. The secret was to walk by using the ball of the foot. My look was stunned by this teaser, and that look made him give me an authentic experience of how to move like a ninja trying to get the whiskey bottle.

I didn´t feel like a ninja. I felt like a Kung Fu Fighter because I defended my appearance in his home and avoided laughing at his grand master moves, which looked like he was trying to make a stunning impression on me, but he couldn´t. He looked like Pai Mei in the movie Clan of the White Lotus.

Despite everything, I learned to move like a ninja.

Despite everything, I learned to move like a ninja. Silently I took the first step away from him. Whenever there was an attack, I moved again, under his breath, gently in silence. His mistake was to underestimate my defence mechanism and how powerful it was. He used all the deadly five venoms, and eventually, I became Pinja the Ninja.

That was a character I created for my defence, not a person. He knew only that side of me. Pinja the Ninja was slinking sotto vose, avoiding attacks by masquerading, following the winds of the mood, and I did all these things because I wanted to have the bottle of Scotch—his love.

What was his bottle of Scotch? I don´t know. I only knew his ninja character when we fought on the tatami. He doesn´t know either because he´s been living in a world of attacks, venoms and threads around him. The world was conspiring against him; he needed to be the grand master to survive.

Pinja the Ninja was a bullying name in primary school. I was embarrassed about it, mainly because my first love was a Karate kid, and the girls knew it from my posters on the wall. That Pinja the Ninja also slapped a man´s face with a violin when he mistreated me. I like this Ninja. She walks in heels thumping on the floor, is capable of loving and giving love and uses force when she sees an attack.

My first and last love was a grand master of martial arts, both imaginary characters. I think it´s time to meet a natural person and introduce me to the real Ninja, Pinja. I am shocked at how unattractive a person becomes once the lesson is learned.

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