I will microwave my pasta!

I will microwave my pasta!

”If we’ve only got this life
And this adventure, oh then I
Wanna share it with you.”


My life after an adventure isn´t starting way at all, astonishingly. I cooked food for the first time in four weeks, just for me, a single dish, dinner for one, and eating it without music in the background, no candlelight, no wine, but at least I had napkins. Napkins are one of the habits I learned in seven years. How in heaven’s name have I managed to live without the God damned napkins for dinner before? Where did I wipe my mouth, or did I even do so? Such a white-trash suburban musician!

Now when I´m eating my life after before, I only remember the colourful napkins from Flying Tiger. I forgot my violin on the bus two weeks ago and lost 350€ from my pocket, but this has been well put in my negligent mind. Napkins. I´m astounded by that, not about this feta pasta.

When I was biting this thought, I heard a sound. Sound that I haven´t heard in a long time. An incisive quarter note came out of my mouth because I carry the fork between my teeth like Jaws when eating. That sound was not allowed in my life before, and I have learned new ways to eat my food. I haven´t missed that sound at all, but now it was taking me back to the moment when I was before this paradise started.

“He was a God I created in the middle of a burning forest”, as one of my favourite authors, Pajtim Statovci, wrote in the love story of a lifetime, Bolla. This paradise has ended, and I will step into hell, where I will microwave my pasta just as I like it! Enjoy, I will.

”You always hurt the one you love
The one you shouldn’t hurt at all
You always take the sweetest rose
And crush it till the petals fall.”


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