I’m your bitch!

I´m your bitch

It was a joke, created when we sat together on the seats reserved for a blind person with a service dog. “I´m your bitch”, I said when I noticed the place. We laughed, and the joke was funny. It still is, but it wasn’t a joke when you think about it. I am a bitch. That kind of a bitch that I don´t need a collar on my finger. I was a well-trained life companion, ready to follow where ever he was heading. No need to drag; I was always one step ahead to make things smoother on the path he was walking.

Life was hard on him, but I tried to make it easy by bringing entertainment and asking him to take me out to have fun. I got my soft toys, but he told me he liked hard ones. I tried to play with the hard toys, like the one dog whose favourite toy was a brick, but I didn´t like it. I understood when he needed the time to be alone, and I tried to amuse myself by making more plans to be happy together.

Nobody asked me to do so. It is in my nature. And my nature was the thing that he didn´t like that much. I was cute in the beginning. All in me was exciting and new. Something I did was different to his, and he liked how I did them. My way of living was unique, and he felt we were the same.

I tried to defend my ways repeatedly, but we didn´t speak the same language. I was barking, and he talked like a civilised human because that was how he saw himself. I thought he was blind and didn´t see the world how it really is; exciting, full of wonders, new paths to discover, try and most importantly, trust in life, and it will guide you. My strategy at the stormy sea was hope, so he named me Admiral.

“Show a view to someone who chose to live his whole life in cave
He’ll raise his arms to protect his eyes from burning
And the blindness to which he belongs. No view is wider than the eye.”


I also did naughty things, as bitches do. What were the black socks I stoled inside my cardboard box as my dog did when I was a small girl, or what destroyed items made him mad? I kept my strategy. I couldn´t change my ways, so I did it when he was not watching. I admit I was a silent revenger, but I understood to stop barking because I was too loud, and he didn´t want to listen to me. Real friends stab you in the front, and I was supposed to be a man´s best friend. A decision needed to be made.

I served one dog´s year. It was my choice of an adventure of a lifetime. He chose me too, but he didn´t need a service dog. Even though I see him as a blind person, he sees the world in his way. He uses his strategy because it´s in his nature. If you really think about it, he was a true friend because he stabbed me right in my heart, but I don´t need a man´s best friend. I don´t need a service dog to guide me.

He can play with his hard toys on land, and I can explore the world at sea with the strategy of hope I share with the Captain, for one man´s lifetime.


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