A book, does it matter if you are reading it with a Kindle or other device or do you prefer a print


This week I had a chance to be part of a two different discussions – how you like your book.. as a traditional print version or do you prefer a digital book?  At the first discussion guys were talking about the support- how does, let’s say the Kindle support pdf and how does the device show pictures. For example if you have a digital Lonely Planet with pictures, are they as good quality as they should be or does the gadget turn those to a mess. And what about the pdfs, are they scalable or just the fixed  size that you can’t adjust to another dimension.

Other one said that he reads a lot and realized after doubts that the gadget is really worth buying for. If you read plenty and you want to carry your books with you, electronic books are awesome! You can also read them during nighttime without turning lights on. The Kindle actually remembers the page where you were last time, so you don’t need to remember the page number or be afraid that the page is lost.

And if you read with foreign language, the gadget has a dictionary.

That’s what I call a great thing!

The other discussion was with a bit different kind of tone. Graphic designers and publishers praised the Real Feel of printed books. You need to feel the paper and the cover on your fingertips and you can smell the paper when you read. The feeling is important and espesially the paper quality.

I was thinking the same- I do like the feeling of different kind of books. That is one  special experience in the reading activity.

But which one digital or traditional is correct or better- I don’t know!

I won this week a book from Lily’s last week lottery- yeah! And at the same time I realized that I won last Autumn a Kindle from a conference I attended in Birmingham and it is still in it’s box.. Baaad me! I read a lot, but I hate when I need to fix all kind of gadgets and learn some “stupid” guide books (and even more if they are virtual). So I forgot that totally.. oh my.  

Now I have to dig into the Kindle world and wait for the Lily’s prize to arrive. These books are more than welcom! Happy happy me! 

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