a Cocktail club - drinks for fun and get together


You may belong to a baking -, cake-, dinner-, or a nitting club - I a member of a cocktail club for ceramics ladies. Keramiikkanaisten drinkkikerho, KNDK is a club for my friends who I've know for a long time from the same ceramics studio. As we all know if you don't keep track that you'll make sure that you meet your old friends it might take time to get all schedules to fit in. Therefore we decided that we meet regularly, with a theme cocktails and fun! 

It was my time to arrange an evening for the club members. As I am the youngest of the club (The Puma) and all other are over 40 (cougars) and one woman is over 50 (a jaguar). Please check the urban dictionary >> . I announced the theme for the night: What cocktail would a puma woman offer to a young man at a bar? Great fun, a lot of delicious food (a potluck), laugh, music and new recipes of different cocktails. Not a bar night - a house party of five awesome ceramics women.



Here is my cocktail recipe- "Ladys boy" which turned out to a new name as a Mint Trap of an old Lady.. once fall into the trap you wont get back on your feet..

4 cl Gin

2 cl fresh lime juice

handful of mint leaf

2 ginger root slice

Ginger ale


and a bit of sugar

The idea came from my colleague who visited at restaurant Farang last week. She tasted the Lady Boi there and told that it was a great cocktail. Because I couldn't find lychee from the local supermarket I made this without it and called it with my own name Ladys boy. Taste is marvellous!

Do you have a club with your friends? If so it would be nice to hear about that! 

Life is too hard to be taken so seriously, so here is another music video for theme..



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