A small concentration of my Spanish holiday based on my instagram photos (follow me @monsieurjpsukka if you don't already got me hooked!)

1. Outfit on La Explanada in Alicante. Finally some palms and sun!
2. Cava with a view from my fabulous rooftop terrace next to la Plaza del Ayuntamiento.
3. 100% Spanish outfit - abanicochic with a fan, Alicante wine, la bandera and quirky sunglasses.
4. New shoes. Handmade Spanish Moccasins from the area. For less than 50 euros. I love Spanish shoes!
5. Plaza Mayor is so beautiful.
6. Cava on the beach. 2 euros a glass!
7. Palm trees are so magical.
8. Walking on rail tracks. 
9. Late night Alicantine dinner with paella and LOTS of other food.
10. Bon dia Barcelona! Welcoming to our room with some cava, again!
11. Chanel is always a good idea.
12. Superspanish tapa - croquetas de bacalao. With some alcohol of course. At El Velódromo in Barcelona.
13. Hihi. Shopping!
14. I found my kind of favourite store in Barri del Raval.
15. Watchfie with a blue sky!

I enjoyed Spain so much as always, both Alicante and Barcelona!



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