So the best outfit for 2012 has finally been decided:

Several of you guys thought it had a touch of Gossip Girl. This picture was taken during Paris Fashion week last spring.

The one of you who will receive the giveaway, the red Louis Vuitton porte-clés has already been contacted. I hope you will enjoy it!!! 

The pictures below shared the second place:

And for the sake of historical nostalgia I'll share the best oufits of 2011. Did you remember these?:

Thank you all for lovely comments and votes, and for following me!

Lots of love



Miten aiomme muistaa Jepsukkaa viime vuodesta?

Nyt on aika äänestää mikä asu oli mielestänne paras vuonna 2012!

Koska on kivempi jos tästä tulee pieni kilpailu, teillä äänestäjillä on mahdollisuus voittaa pomme d'amour-punaisen Louis Vuitton-avaimenkukkaron Verni-mallistosta.

Laita kommenttiinne selvä nimimerkki, joko nimikenttään tai itse kommenttiin ja kirjoita suosikkiasun numero ja miksi pidit siitä eniten.

How are we going to remember Jepsukka from last year?

Now is the time to vote on my best outfit for 2012!

I'll throw in a little something for you voters, this time you have the chance to win a pomme d'amour-red Louis Vuitton Porte-Clés from the Verni collection.

Enter your vote in a comment and make a clear nickname either in the name field or in your comment and write the number of the oufit you liked the most and why.

I'll chose a winner after sunday 20th of january 24.00 hrs