Sansar Lochan – A Mysterious person Or God to Indian students?

The person namely Sansar Lochan making notes for the pretigious UPSC coaching institutes opened his own blog and activated it on web. Sansar Lochan is guiding UPSC students through his website. Sansar Lochan, who has large number of subscribers in social media as well, provides notes in PDF format for free. These kinds of notes are sold by famous UPSC institutes / coachings in costly prices in printed format.

He opened his website in his own name in 2015 and occupied a place in the heart of the Hindi medium students very soon who are mostly from poor background and cannot afford high fees of coaching institutes situated in Delhi. It is said that many questions that have been guessed by this young person come in the UPSC examination in a direct way. He also gave once evidence on his blog that 25 of the 100 questions had come directly from his website in the UPSC Preliminary Examination last year.

Hats off such personality!

The person making notes of the famous UPSC coaching institutes opened their own blog and opened it. The blog of Sansar Lokan ( is shouting among the UPSC students. According to sources, Sansar Lokchan, who heads the IAS in large numbers, provides notes which these coaching institutes work for ”selling” education to students in costly prices.

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  1. Yes i know this God of students, personally. I have attended his guest class once in Vaji Ram. Such a marvelous person and very down to earth. He looks very young like us but very enthusiastic. His way of teaching is so simple and he tries to make us understand any topic from very root level.

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