Random Questionnaire from 2009, Qs Translated from Finnish

Were you somewhere recently?
– Yup, came home from a sunny vacation last night. Spent the holidays in Florida and soaked in the vitamin D.

Is your phone less than a foot away from you?
– Absolutely. It’s lounging next to me on the couch.

Would you call reading your hobby?
– Nope. My goal for 2018 is to read six books. Last year I finished one… I’m a slow and lazy reader.

What shows do you watch regularly on TV?
– Currently I’m not binging on any series but last year Ben and I finished at least Game of Thrones, Handmaid’s Tale, and Jane the Virgin. I also watched Greenleaf and some Chelsea, plus many documentaries on Netflix.

Are you planning to sleep in tomorrow?
– No, I have some errands to run. 

Do you ever wear a bun?
– My hair is still too short for that, since I’m growing out a half shaved do.

Have you worn a wig in a public place?
– Yes, several times on a First of May which is a carnival-esque holiday in Finland. I like wigs but they are rarely comfortable to wear, and cheap ones look ridiculous sometimes.

Do you ever wonder how you would look with a shaved head?
– Quite often, actually. Since teenage years, I’ve placed a lot of value on my hair. One of my biggest fears used to be to lose it all but now I think I could learn to accept being bald. I’ve seen many cool chicks with shaved heads, and there are more important things in life.

Can you play the piano?
– Very minimally. I prefer listening to playing.

Do you own a USB memory stick?
– I do have one attached to my home keys. I rarely use it. I should probably store some of my photos on it.

What’s the first song on your playlist?
Mick Pedaja – Avaimus

What was the last movie you watched?
– Harry Potter movies were playing on TV during the holidays, and we would watch them in our hotel room before passing out. Last one might have been The Philosopher’s Stone. I never saw the ending, though.

Have you been told that you cannot walk straight after a few drinks?
– No one needs to point that out to me, I’m very aware of the unsteadiness of my tipsy gait.

Describe your mood with one word.
– Foggy.

Would you rather be a surgeon or a math teacher?
– Surgeon! I’m fascinated by all things medical, despite my aversion of blood and needles.

How many hairspray bottles do you own?
– Two. I think.

Do you ever think about the end of the world?
– If I feel too stable and happy with my life, I can start wondering about nuclear wars and natural disasters, or how a black hole can just swallow our galaxy as a whole (I know nothing about space and physics so this might not be scientifically accurate) and there is nothing we can do. So yes, I sometimes think about it.

Have you ever gone lingonberry picking?
– No, not intentionally. Sometimes those sour devils are blocking the yummy blueberries from finding their way to my tummy.

If you would get 10 euros, how would you spend it?
– This is a boring answer but on groceries.

Do you own printed t-shirts with text on them?
– I have one that says ”Nevertheless, she persisted” and another one from New Orleans that tells the world how some girls are just born with glitter in their veins.

Are you listening to music at the moment, and if so, what?
Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit – White Man’s World

Do you use silly abbreviations in your text messages in order to save money and/or time?
– Sometimes. Not very often, though. Mostly they are typos.

Can you think of song lyrics that are sad but deep?
– I think the aforementioned Jason Isbell song is a good example of that.

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