working hard, hardly working

visual diary

i´ve always had difficulties explaining my job description to my 87-year old grandma. nowadays i figured the best way to explain it, is to say: i make sure things look good. 

but being art director also means:

not being afraid to get your hands dirty

always looking ahead

being able to get out of your comfort zone (if you can´t buy it, you have to make it)

working with creative and amazing people (in creative circumstances)

having to wait for the shoot to be over (before you get to eat)

and if you need just the perfect wrinkles on sheets in a photoshoot,

it´s you rolling on the bed trying to get them :)


yritän joskus selittää 87-vuotiaalle mummolleni sitä, mitä teen työkseni.

tämä kuvareportaasi kertoo sen paremmin kuin sanat. luovan ihmisen työ on... luovaa. ja ihanaa!

alin kuva: paula virta