Electric lock: a practical and efficient locking system

The electric lock is one of the new technology’s native locking systems. This is the type of lock that usually equips hotels, buildings and large companies. Practical and effective, this accessory is beginning to be appreciated by individuals. In this article, we invite you to discover its features and advantages.


How does an electric lock work?

Even if it is an innovative system, the operation of an electric lock is always simple. To lock or unlock it, it does not require the use of a key. It nevertheless requires the presence of an electric current.


The operation of this device varies according to its type. As you already know, an electric lock is often installed on building entrance doors, hotel room doors as well as gates and wicket doors. In addition, some car models are equipped with this system.


For building doors, the electronic lock can be unlocked using a keypad or digicode. Gates and wicket doors, on the other hand, can be operated with a remote control switch. And for other uses, the use of a code card or a chip card can do the trick. Note that an electrified lock can be placed directly on the handle or remotely. It usually depends on its type!


The advantages of an electric lock 

Compared to other classic models, the electric lock has the advantage of being practical and efficient, and even aesthetic. Although it works electrically, it does not incorporate cables. It’s a wireless device. Thus, its use as well as its installation is both simple and fast. You will no longer have to search everywhere for the key to your gate or door (in case of loss or forgetfulness). Simply dial the code if it is a keypad, or insert the card for a badge reader (usually for hotel room entrance doors).


In addition, the electronic lock is a reliable locking device. Its long range radio control system, which is difficult to hack, considerably increases housing security. With its robustness and resistance, it guarantees effective protection against burglaries or various attempted break-ins. Please note that there are models that work with software and allow you to consult the passage histories.


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