Tips for Choosing the Best Protein Powder For You

With such a large number of products to select, it is hard to pick the best protein that best suits our necessities. That’s why we have to know our goals, the necessities of our body and our own tastes to pick the correct protein powder.

There are many types of training, what is yours? Are you trying to wild muscle mass? Or maybe you’re trying to reduce some chips after a strict diet. Do you follow a vegetarian diet? Do you have a lactose intolerance problem? In this article, we will show you different options and all you need to know about the Proteins universe.

To start, it will be necessary to explain that the Proteins can be of vegetable or animal origin. The ones that are from animal origin mean that they are from cow milk like whey or casein and eggs as well. These proteins are full of different amino acids, they do not have gluten and are easily find them. In addition, these options are the cheapest of vegetable proteins.

The vegetable proteins are for example soy, rice, peas, etc. This option is ideal for vegetarians or vegans and for those who suffer from a lactose problem. This product does not have gluten but Compares with the animal protein, vegetable proteins are lower. These protein powders usually need more processing and are more expensive.

Protein’s Origin


You can find these supplements in different shops and in two different ways:

  • · Concentrate: this is the cheapest one. Contain 80% of protein. In addition, it is the most known product among the consumers.
  • · Isolated: it is processed and with the highest price, it contains about 90% protein and does not have carbohydrates and fats. We can say that this is good for those who want to lose weight.

This powder contains a lot of proteins and a high level of nutrients like enzymes. Professionals advise whey proteins because it helps recuperate muscles after training and also helps develop new muscle because of its faster absorption.

The only problem with this protein is its lactose so people with lactose intolerance or sensitivity, milk protein powder can cause a problem in the gastrointestinal tract.


Casein is the main protein in unpasteurized milk, making up to 80% of the whole protein. The other 20% of the protein is whey. Whey protein has Reputation as a beneficial protein for health and for Athletic performance and muscle growth and is a common ingredient in nutritional powders, bars, and beverages.

The major difference between whey and casein is that the whey is digested very quickly, which makes it an excellent food for recovery, while casein is a protein that is digested slowly and has anticatabolic properties, which means that prevents the muscle from degrading even when it has not received food.


Meat is one of the best sources of protein that can be consumed by and for the gain of muscle mass. Meat-based Proteins offer Ample amounts of all essential amino acids, which ensure that the process of protein synthesis is maximized.

Good beef protein powders are isolated or hydrolyzed. This means that if the product is of good quality it does not have cholesterol or lactose.


The egg white powder is a superior protein supplement, which is obtained from pure egg whites. Quite often it can be made known as a reference protein method, by which all other sources of protein that are consumed can be evaluated. It has a great Reputation and it is because it is an excellent scoring product with respect to Biological values and an average absorption time.

The benefits of egg white powder are not only at the sports level as a supplement to increase our daily protein intake. The main advantage is the comfort and versatility, as it can be used in different ways: directly in a smoothie with water, milk or juice, or use it in different recipes. In addition, being dehydrated, the expiration is much greater than the pasteurized egg whites or natural eggs.


Soy is revolutionizing the food market. Many of the people who follow a vegetarian diet have adopted it as part of their diet because it has great properties. Its greatest advantage is that it has many Protein beneficial plants. Its consumption is also recommended to the lactose intolerant or Proteins of animal origin.

The soy protein powder is used mainly as a supplement for Athletes and also for those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. The benefits it brings us are both at a physical level, as well as in general well-being and health. It is used to help define the figure in weight loss diets  or in diets to increase muscle mass. It has a great nutritional profile, it offers us a large number of vitamins and minerals, it has no cholesterol and very few saturated fats, besides, it is rich in fiber.

The functions of Protein Powder

The function of protein powder  is to nourish the muscles as needed. The operation of the same is that when performing the exercise we subject the muscle fibers to greater wear and therefore to a stress that will induce them to need more protein than the normal value to recover from the exercise and no stop growing. But not everything works since a good powder must offer only that, what our muscles need, nothing more or less.

In the market, there are many brands and types of these powders. There are those who offer more protein than others but always tend to carry another series of nutrients such as fats or carbohydrates since it depends a lot on the origin of the shake. The origin of the same will have a lot to do when choosing the type of product we will need to grow cleanly and without gaining extra weight or unwanted nutrients such as saturated fat.

Reasons to Take Protein Powder

In case you want to add a protein supplement as the powder, into your daily diet, you should have clarified the reason for it. If you know the main reason then you will be able to choose the correct protein powder to have the results you are looking for.

1.  Protein powder to work out . These powders are a good resource to help increase and develop muscle mass. If you are training to develop them, it is a good idea to add them to your diet.

2.  To lose weight . These powders increase the feeling of satiety and Satisfaction, something that can help you avoid eating all the time. It is also important to maintain the current muscle mass when you exercise.

3.  For general health . Professionals have shown that these powders help distribute bioactive activity in the body and lower cholesterol. Adding a protein powder to a healthy diet might help lower cholesterol, blood pressure or body mass faster than just eating a healthy diet.

Points To Keep In Mind

1. There are several points to take into account when purchasing protein powder. First of all, we must take into account the purity of the Proteins and their origin, as we have mentioned before. In almost all shakes the proteins are accompanied by carbohydrates since the body also needs to replace glucose having lost it through exercise, what we can not do is consume powders that contain high amounts of carbohydrates. Hydrates should never exceed Proteins in quantity, because if this is the case, what we will achieve is to gain weight.

2. The amount in terms of carbohydrates is recommended that does not exceed 5g per 100g of protein, since the origin of the hydrates of the powders is through refined sugars, so if we exceed, it will accumulate in our body in the form of fat . It is better to get these hydrates through other sources such as whole grains or vegetables.

3. With respect to fats, we must be very careful as these are also present in many protein powders since the vast majority come from animal lactic serum. This origin makes the quality of fats low since they are Mostly saturated. Therefore we must take care of the origin of Proteins and especially the amount of fat they contain, which should never exceed 5g as happens with carbohydrates.

These points we will take into account when going to the store to buy our protein powder. We will always look at the nutritional specifications that are on the label and if we do not understand its composition, it is correct to ask a nutritionist for advice.

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