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If you want to make a startling difference to your home, then lighting is absolutely the place to start. When done well lighting is a form of sculpture, it has the ability to transform and enhance an average room into something wonderful. Lighting not only infuses rooms with drama and subtlety but it has a direct bearing on your mood and frame of mind.

Kelly Hoppen antaa nettisivuillaan sisustusvinkkejä, kuinka kodista saadaan kuudelle eri keinolla mahdollisimman viihtyisä ja kodikas. Pitääkin tarkastella miten nämä asiat toimivat omassa sisustuksessa. Meidän sisustuksessa erilaiset tekstuurit ovat tärkeä osa kokonaisuutta. Ovatko nämä 6 asiaa osa teidän kodin sisustusta?



When walking  into a room the choice of fabrics should make you feel enveloped in softness and harmony. Fabrics need to be at the core of every room, though what you do with each fabric is as important as the selection itself. Never let one fabric be dominant, rather create a family where the sum effort is greater than its parts.



Vases and vessels are like miniature rooms within themselves; think of them as houses for flowers or objects. Loving vases for their own sake makes it easy to use them in the creation of still life and sculptural displays that you can change to suit your mood. Interesting vases can be used as objet d'arts, adding a sense of drama to a room.



Texture engenders the life and spirit of a room and it plays a pivotal part in any neutral design scheme, without it neutral becomes flat and lifeless. By placing different textures, life and energy can easily be created in any home. Textural contrast such as coarse with delicate or dense with light not only promotes depth, but balance.



Fragrance provides calming and mood enhancing influences that are such a natural fit with the modern home, scented candles are now an integral feature of many of today’s homes. Fragrances can be used in the home to provide another subtle and pleasing layer, one that is soothing and pleasing to the senses.


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