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Lontoon muotiviikkojen kunniaksi Kelly Hoppen on nostanut esille blogissaan ja nettikaupassaan monochrome-tyylin. Musta-valkoisuus tuntuukin jatkuvan edelleen suurena trendinä sisustuksessa. Väriallergisena ainakin minua nämä Kelly Hoppenin nettikaupassa olevat inspiraatiokuvat puhuttelevat. Mustan ja valkoisen lisäksi kaipaan kumminkin hieman pehmeyttä harmaan ja ruskean eri sävyissä. Onko siellä ruudun toisella puolella monochrome-tyylin kannattajia? 

"One of the big trends we are seeing this year is monochrome, something I have used a lot over the years to create bold sophisticated dramatic spaces. The great thing about a monochrome scheme in a home is it’s suitable for small studios, or larger spaces because simplicity is often the key to the most effective look and display.

The contrast of black on white is one of the simplest methods of creating elegant and balanced scenes. I love it so much, most of my homes have been designed using monochrome, it never dates and I never get bored of its dramatic effects."

"Monochrome is easy to introduce into a space without having to re-design all of it. I love black and white photography, my walls are covered in it and it’s a great easy way to create the look. You can also introduce it simply by replacing some of your home decorations or cushions. Another reason monochrome works so well as a scheme is you can layer textures without them clashing and introduce any colour against it and it will work.

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