iina - V

Saturday morning and 6.15am my alarm goes off. It's early for Saturday but I prefer having the time in the morning to make coffee and enjoy of it before heading to work and coaching. Helps that I am a morning person but without coffee... Mornings are usually the time I read and listen messages from home, such a nice way to start the day. And to all my friends, I'm sorry that my replying habits aren't the best. xx

Bread & Butterfly, one of my favorite breakfast places. // Inman Park

I started thinking about the concept of a weekend. On Friday everyone says 'Happy Friday' and I always wonder why. Yes it's the start of a weekend but two days out of seven doesn't seem a lot. On Sundays it's natural to start getting ready for next week and the upcoming M. You might be so focused on the next day so that Sunday will just fly by. I used to do that. Working six days per week and using my dayoff thinking about it I was all about work. But then again, I have always been lucky and had jobs that I really enjoy. Challenging to find the balance.. Last week my best friend reminded me of everything else that is also important so I made a promise to start taking care of the everything else as well. 

I spent the whole Sunday focusing on the other important things and this morning my mood was like yess happy Monday! 


March 5th & Atlanta United's first home game // 2017






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