She said it, tai: Meissä ei ole mitään vikaa, ei ainuttakaan.

No Sex and the City

"It’s time to outgrow the belief that we are somehow inferior because we don’t look a certain way, wear certain things, live certain lives. It’s time to laugh it off when a magazine tells us we need to firm up and slim down, no matter how firm or slim we might already be. It’s time to focus on ourselves, as we are, instead of the selves that somebody else thinks we should be.

Because the secret is out: There is nothing wrong with us. Not a single, solitary thing."

                                                                   - Sally McGraw / Already Pretty





Vierailija (Ei varmistettu)
No Sex and the City

Vierailija, aivan loistava video, kiitos linkityksestä! Tiesin jo sen latautumista odotellessani, että luvassa on pakko olla jotain todella hyvää - muistuttihan teksti videon alla, että this commercial isn't real, neither are society's standards of beauty. Tarpeellinen muistutus meistä monelle, luulen.

- Maybe she's born with it! 

- Nah... I'm pretty sure it's Photoshop.


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