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Hi again!


Last week’s been totally crazy!

Well, the lectures themselves have been pretty easy to follow and the topics have been the usual stuff about social media eg. Facebook and Pinterest etc. I haven’t really been able to attend the lectures though, because I’m usually coaching my own team (I’m one of the team coaches for the freshmen during this Autumn) elsewhere. Luckily Ilkka and Anna have started downloading the lectures to our Facebook group and thus I’m able to keep up. Gotta say, I’ve never been this busy. And in addition, I have to get my ass to work every weekend, so there really isn’t any free time for me. Yay?

But the thing which was that ”totally crazy” part at the beginning of this blog post, is that we actually got a business partner for this Digital Course! I’m still left speechless. And at this point it seems we will continue working for them next year as well. God, I’m so excited! We will apparently manage their stands at different exhibitions, plan some marketing tactics for them and update their Facebook site and their finnish website. Our group members already paid a visit to that particular company as well (I wasn’t able to attend the meeting, because I was, surpriiise, coaching my team at the moment). All in all, I really look forward to what’s coming for us :)!

We also had to make a pitch speech for our Digital Course and we also needed to record it. So, here is mine. It’s pretty awkward. How would you feel when you’re in your room trying not to be too loud and trying not to laugh every second whilst being afraid of somebody actually hearing you? Yep, awkwaaard.



What do you think?


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