Week 49

Hi guys!


I’ve nothing much to say about this week, unfortunately, because during the lesson that was held on Monday I had another meeting with my sales project team overlapping the first one thus I barely managed to sit on the lesson for half an hour. Also the lecture materials were no put up on the wall of the Facebook group so I couldn’t dig up the contents. Sorry to say this.

On Thursday, on the other hand, we had our second test of the course. It was a virtual one though so it was possible to do it at home as well. As I did. It went well (at least I have that kind of gut feeling at the moment), but I’m not exactly sure. I’m looking forward to the results.

Tomorrow we will present the first versions of our final presentations and on Thursday we have the finished final presentations of this course. Gotta admit, it feels a bit strange. I mean, this whole thing is gonna end. Oh my god.

Talk to you later!


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