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Kelly Hoppen antoi blogissaan viisi vinkkiä miten helposti koti päivitetään syksysesonkia varten. Tarkastelin meidän asuntoa miten Kellyn antamat neuvot toteutuvat meidän sisustuksessa.

1. Trade in your linen for wool
Different textures can introduce notes of cool or warmth into a room. For autumn and winter, I put away linen and silk cushions in favour of those made of cashmere and wool. Also, lambswool or sheepskin rugs bring warmth to the space and feel wonderful under bare feet.

2. Bring out your throws in autumn
Throws are a quick and easy way to change the feel of a room. I love to cuddle up with a sheepskin or soft cashmere throw during winter. On top of that, a throw can also be used to add textural contrast or add a splash of colour to a room.

3. Mix and match your dining table displays
Display is such fun in a dining room. The table top itself can be finished with objects, candles, flowers or plants. Try an assembly of repeated objects – I love to group things in threes! Something as inexpensive as dried pine cones will bring a novel and seasonal feel preparing your home for Christmas. For autumn, a shallow wooden tray can create a dark frame for carefully arranged gourds. I love edible decorations and this is a nice transition from using polished green apples in the springtime.

4. Lighting is key
As with any room, you will always need more lighting than you think, especially in the winter, so plan for a number of different circuits, to give you maximum flexibility. The more lighting you have, the more choice you have about creating the mood you want. Hanging pendant lights will create an intimate atmosphere, perfect for cosy nights spent indoors when the snow is falling outside.

5. Switch up your curtains
The art of designing good curtains is in choosing the right fabric, with the right texture. During the summer, I tend to use sheer linen curtains to allow light into the room, whilst also blocking the view to outsiders passing by. But in winter, I use heavier fabrics, such as a double layer of parachute silk, which drapes in a fluid manner and pools beautifully on the floor. This not only acts as a great heat insulator, but also works beautifully with the other textural changes that you have now incorporated into your space for the cooler months.

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Fabulous Things

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