How to Get Perfect Abs

As you’ll see in many articles dealing with health and fitness, different people deal with different body problems. Some will need a little work on their bodies while others have layers of body fat that are not so pleasant to look at. Some will even have a really big mid-section that will need a lot of work to remove.

Whether you really want to have six pack abs or just have some extra muscles in your mid-section, there is only one thing you can do: work out, exercise. With this article you will be learning on how to get perfect abs through three easy to follow key tips.

Breathing In

The first key is proper cardiovascular work. You cannot get rid of those body fats by just doing an extra ab workout like sit-ups and crunches. You must first burn off your body fats through proper cardio exercises and of course diet.

Taking a cardio exercise for about three to four times a week, 20 minutes in a day will be beneficial to your goal of getting those perfect abs. It will also set the mood and speed up the process. Such cardio exercises that are really effective are running, intense jogging, stair master, jumping rope or biking, swimming, hiking and even enrolling in the aerobics classes.

Eating Right

The next key is proper nutrition. No matter how hard you work out, you will not lose those body fats if you keep eating lots of foods uncontrollably. When you really want to have perfect abs, you should control your eating habits. Proper nutrition is very important to our bodies especially to people like you who want to keep fit and achieve a rockin’ body. (Well, you will not be reading this article if that is not your goal, of course) With the proper diet, you can reduce the number of calories that you take in.


You can do this by starting to eat six to eight smaller meals everyday with two to three hours spaced apart instead of three heavy meals every day. Eating three heavy meals a day can also be good as long as you eat on schedule. If you don’t, it will be bad for your stomach and the result will be just like eating too much.

You should also keep your protein intake high. Increase intake to about 50% of daily calories while keeping the carbo moderate (about 40%) and fats minimal (about 10%).  Your muscle fiber is made with tightly-wound molecules of protein and they are damaged every time you work out. You need to take in more proteins to repair those damaged muscle tissues. Carbohydrates has an important role in your body so it should not be completely missed out. But you have to take in simple sugars like honey, cane sugar, syrups and fruit juices instead of the other kinds of carbohydrates. You can find these simple sugars when you eat real fruits.

You also have to practice drinking a lot of clean water each day, maybe at least a gallon.  It will help you with the absorption of nutrients and with your digestion. It will also help you a lot in flushing toxins out of your body. Also, make sure that you supply yourself with well-balanced and healthy foods every two to three hours. That way, your digestive system will not have to work overtime.

Weight Training

And the last key on how to get perfect abs is weight training with your abdominals. Here are some exercises that will get you those dream abs. First, you can do weighted crunches. All you need to do is grab a dumbbell. Either you hold that in front, along the lines of your face or use it lying down on your upper chest, just under the chin while performing regular crunches. Do this ten to fifteen times each day and your abs will be on its way to your dream form.

You can also go for the cable rope crunches by grabbing a tricep rope and then kneeling on your knees. Bend downwards, you will be forcefully contracting your abs every time you go down.  Then, go for the weighted leg raises by lying flat on your back while your hands are under your butt. Then bind your feet around with a small dumbbell and do the leg raises.

Next, go for a seated ab machine again. Don’t ever swing downward all the way just a little bit 30 degrees to contract your abs, then hold for about three to four seconds then, back up.

How to Get Perfect Abs

And lastly, you can also do the stability ball crunches which will incorporate your balance into your abdominal work.  Stability ball is very effective in strengthening your entire core region, which contains your lower back as well as your abs.


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