I ended up moving to the States very unexpectedly. After graduating as a physical therapist I had ideas of my major career goals but the near future was pretty much wide open. 

I was thinking a lot about starting a business for improving synchronized & figure skaters off ice training (I remember I was thinking about vlogging!!:D). Another passion of mine was developing children’s healthcare; I used to say I’m aiming to be a CEO of a children’s hospital. Reach for the stars, right?! Living abroad again was also on my mind and both Canada and U.S were high on my list.


I was on my way to Helsinki by train and I bumped into an old friend from my home town who’s good friend and a business partner was working at a university’s athletics department in U.S. A couple of months later I visited the university for five weeks. Before I traveled I got a message from the friend at the university: what if there’s an opportunity for me to do a master’s degree. I didn’t have to think about my response, it was yes with multiple exclamation marks. After the summer I moved to Atlanta and started Master’s of Health Administration. I am so very grateful for the people who made one of my dream’s to come true. 


I lived in Atlanta for almost four years. I worked as a graduate assistant in the athletics department while studying. After my first year I found an ice rink where I started skating regularly and later on, I started coaching again; it was a huge thing for me, it really made me feel like I’m home. 

After I graduated I started working full-time at FusionATL, in a performance clinic. My last year I managed Fusion, and loved it, great people and great athletes around me. Again, I’m feeling so grateful, I don’t know how I’ve been so lucky with the people around me!


My new visa application wasn’t approved. I was told to leave my home and say goodbyes. I thought so many times I have to create a plan B but I never really did, I had high hopes of getting my visa approved. While packing my things I messaged a former skater/coach from Lahti, who was coaching in Spain if their club would need another coach. Turned out, they needed an off-ice / strength & condition coach and assistant coach for synchro as well. So here I am, in Granada, coaching synchro- and figure skating and executing off ice training. 

I’m slowly creating my plan for my future outside of the U.S., but I know I’m on the right path. Stay tuned I guess 😉 





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