What happens after a champagne year

Here we go. Time for my first post here on Lily, so I guess presentations are in order!


I decided to continue blogging after writing about my experiences during a year in Paris. It was more about letting friends know how things were going, and now I’m back in my Turku, where I’ll be continuing with my studies and writing this. I’ll probably be coming up with subjects from the scribbles in my notebook, which consist mostly of remarks on ordinary things, what I’ve seen or done.




The title – not easy to find, but I got it from a St. Vincent song called ”Champagne Year”. That unfortunately wasn’t the title of my Paris blog, but a few champagne bottles couldn’t have made the year more fun than it was!


Now, as I feel my future and I haven’t shook hands and made a deal yet, and even though I’m  a consistent overanalyser of plans, this blog should be about other things than that. Be it about the contents of a picnic basket or the great shoes I found, I think it’s important to do things you get joy out of. Lately for me it’s been a brunch in good company, decorating my new flat, or seeing a movie. In Paris I also discovered photographing, at which I’m still really a beginner but like a lot.


I still want to write in English most of the time, just because I want all my friends to be able to read this, and also to keep up my English, which I hope won’t prove to  be too ambitious. Who knows, maybe I’ll do a post in Finnish every now and then…


So, it’s not perfect but a try. Let’s see what happens!

puheenaiheet hopsoa ajattelin-tanaan
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