by Jesmi

oh yes, it is finally true, and way more frightning than I ever could have thought... I am now officially moving to London, without a return ticket or date . . . super scary!!!

I am giving up my offiical rights for medical care in this country (yes, I will be on travel insurance whenever I come to visit Helsinki), and I will no longer be paying taxes to this country. I have officially just used this country to get an expensive education, and as of now I won't be paying back... well, who knows, might be back in a month haha... no, I've set the limit to one year, that's how long it takes to fall in love or fall into hateress...

This weekend has been family oriented. First I spent friday evening and saturday all day with my brother. On Saturday we went for breakfast to Brooklyn Café and shopping for his cray fish party. In the evening I drove to our summer house in Snappertuna to hang with my parents. It was a raw food detox weekend all the way, amazing! We also took a little boat ride which ended with us hitting a rock and now the boat needs a new propeller. Luckily we were driving really slowly so no one got indjured. 

about the moving away . . . somehow I'd like to see everybody all the time, but at the same time I am so overwhelmed with this whole thing that I just want to be home alone and prepare for what I know will be a crazy few months... if it's anything like last time, I will not get much sleep :) plus my London life will start with me and Joy going to Bestival, so I will probably already be shattered when starting work on the 11th !

By and good night


Soulful telephone by crashbat