Long time no nothin’

So basically this was supposed to be a simple Facebook status after a disappointing day of teaching and it became a self-help guide on how to deal with people on a daily basis.


As a dancer i’m often asked the question ”so what do you dance?”

For years, i’ve tried to find the answer that will satisfy both the person asking the question and myself.

Till this day, i have not succeeded.

This process has been difficult as it is and the constant growing as a person and as a dancer has made it seem close to impossible.

”So what do you dance?”- is not a question you can really answer with one sentence. Or even two. If i want to be honest and presume that the person asking, is actually interested in what i do, i need to explain myself and my choise of life.


Mostly for my own satisfaction.


The truth is, words are not a sufficient enough way to express what you really want people to understand about dancing.


Basically you should always carry a bunch of videos of you dancing (or a youtube account) AND comment them as you go.

  • What you were thinking and feeling at that moment when the video was shot.

  • Why?

  • How did that affect your dancing?

  • Why?


Maybe, just maybe you could get through to someone and give even just a glimpse of what it is you actually do and love.


Unfortunately, the majority of people asking this question:


“So what do you dance?”


don’t really understand what they are asking. Or maybe they do. Maybe they really want to hear the long, complex and abstract story.


But usually, they don’t.


And that’s perfectly fine.


Why can’t it be just a casual question about your occupation? Your lifestyle? Your passion? Your love? Your soul? YOU?




It is not a simple question to answer for those who see it as their occupation/lifestyle/passion/love/soul/you.


There is no way to fully understand what dancing is to someone therefor it is pretty impossible to get a simple, two sentence answer to the question.


However…. I have come to realise that i do not have to (nor will i) explain myself to everyone who asks me that. It is not vital for everyone to understand how deep i really am in it and how much it means to me. It is, however vital for me to ask and answer. For me to know what it actually is that i dance and why.


Those casual questions about dancing can be answered simply by categorizing what it actually is you’re dancing:

  • Hip Hop

  • Show

  • Contemporary

  • House

  • Etc


With that answer though, you just have to accept the fact that you might be labelled and put in a certain box in a person’s mind. It’s usually inevitable.


It’s okay. It’s okay.


You will survive.


Not everyone can get what you’re really about on a deeper level. And if they really want to know, they’ll ask you to explain further. Usually those people also get you and your passion.

This way your long, deep explanations will not go to deaf ears and maybe you’ll even make lifetime friendships.


Today was a tough, self search filled day. Glad i got it out. Thanks.

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