My day




Now im going to tell you guys about my ordinary day. So here goes.

My work starts at 10 so i wake up like 8.45. Then i get up from bed and eat breakfast which is usually cereals with milk. Today im wearing skinny jeans, quite huge grey t-shirt that says Cinnamon Bay and white Nike air max sneakers. I say bye to my boyfriend Bryan, leave home at 9.30 and take metro to Llacuna!

At office i first say buenos dias chicas!  Then little facebooking and finally like 10.20 we are ready to work. Yesterday i had to find biggest Bollywood production companies and make information files about them. Earlier today i helped to find locations for Mc Donald’s add and now im writing this. (U see, sometimes i don’t have nothing to do here so its good time for blogging!)

Lunchtime is at two. Sometimes we go to this amazing organic restaurant called Market cuina fresca. Three course meal is just 12 euros and its SO GOOD and totally fresh! Me and Anna wen't there just a couple days ago, so today im going to eat omelette with mushrooms and pesto.

After im done with this, im gonna continue location scouting for this one Arabic bank that we are working with. Very fancy schmancy indeed!

Anyways. After work im back at home little before 7. Bryan is usually out skating and filming and comes back at nine or something. Yesterday evening we went to running with Anna to park Ciutadella and also did some yoga there. After this healthy 1,5 hrs, we had pasta for dinner and went to chill at Macba with some wine, chocolate and friends. Few hours there just talking and watching boys pushing wood hahahhaa!

Went to sleep little after midnight with best person next to me.

 hard worker





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