7 tips on how to be the perfect wedding guest

Wedding Guests

Although, there is nothing complicated about being just a guest at a wedding, this does not mean you can not make the couple regret their decision to invite you.

In order to avoid this or unconsciously making yourself an outcast, adhere to the below rules.

RSVP- Let the couple know on time what your response to the invite is.

Don’t be the sort of guest that brings an uninvited plus 1 or more, except it is the kind of wedding where it does not matter. If it is not like not and you take a plus 1, you will be considered a rude guest.

Please DO NOT wear white- A wedding is supposed to be all about the couple, so please, do not try to take attention from the bride by wearing white too. No one will care if it is intentional or not.

Be on time, this way you do not cause any type of disruption during the ceremony.

Put your phone on silent and out of sight.

Buy a gift.

DO NOT get drunk/wasted- Although there will be temptation due to all the free booze, do not get drunk.

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