Things that make me happy



Today I thought I could tell about three things that make my life good here.

The first thing is, of course, my significant other taking care of me, driving me to the most amazing beaches, bringing me cupcakes, laughing at my jokes, cooking these perfect meals and generally being such a lovely person that sometimes it is hard for me to understand that I actually have him in my life.

The second thing is, tattadadaa, the climate.

When I first heard that the normal day temperature in Brisbane is about 30-Celsius degrees I was terrified. How is anyone able to do anything in that temperature, I wondered (thinking of the hot old summer trams in Helsinki). Since I got here I have learned that it is actually quite easy. Air conditioners in offices and cars meant that the first day at work I was actually freezing.  The second day I understood to take a jacket with me. And the third day I also had a scarf around my neck.

The warm climate, and sun that rises before 6am, makes people wake up quite early. A morning jog is most comfortable if you go just after six. I once went for a run around 9am on a sunny morning and it felt way too warm. Also, I get home around 6pm and it is almost dinnertime then, so I have noticed that doing sports in the mornings is definitely the best way to act here.

Not only the morning jogs, the climate makes it possible to enjoy the prettiest beaches and the most beautiful sea I have ever seen in my life. First weekend I saw the famous Fraser Island, then Stradbroke Island (that is another big sand island a bit closer to Brisbane) where we stayed in M’s aunt and uncle’s super beautiful beach house and the third weekend we stayed at M’s family’s beach house in Noosa. I have felt so lucky being at those places. Sometimes feeling the warm sun and soft wind on my skin and swimming in the bright blue ocean has felt almost unreal.


The last thing is food. M’s family is very interested in cooking and taking part in their dinners and cooking with M has been a very inspiring experience. Their way  of using fresh herbs and combining different tastes has been new to me. I look forward to cooking some amazing salads for you, my dear friends. Also I have many times felt overwhelmed eating excellent Australian cheeses, hummus and other products. 

Of course what makes it possible to enjoy all things here, is that I know that everything is well with my dearest back home. I laugh loudly while reading smart posts my Swedish classmates write on our little fb chat, as they share their internship experiences around the world. I feel warm inside seeing links my Finnish friends post to our little private wall, I am so happy seeing my brother’s girlfriend posting pictures of their little baby and my sister of her daughter etc. etc. The best thing is that skypeing makes you feel almost like the other people are in the same room with you.

More in coming posts. Hugs!



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