it was all a dream

It was all a dream, said, literally the biggest rapper of all time. Well due to a dream, here I am. Being the intuitive person that I am, I created this blog before sunrise due to one.

I make life choices according to them too, but more on that later. So what really happened before I woke up? Well, I think it was the heightened brain activity of trying to come up with a blog name that finally got me here. Even the platform was pre-chosen. ”Joo, joo sinne Lilyyn nyt kato”. All I needed to do was subscribe.

I felt a tingling at my fingertips, the laptop typing kind. I wanted to hear the soft sound of plastic keys pressing and releasing as I went, but I had not started that bad boy in months, if not years, so I’m notepading on my phone instead. Not the same, but will do.

So what is it that I want to say. Any more on this dream of mine? Well, not that I can remember much of, but I was going to sleep in a 90’s style barbecue hut (grillikatos) painted light blue, at my grandmother’s old housing estate playground. It was summer and I was going to sleep there overnight with a dear friend before we left off on our journey.

It would have been fun to see where we would have ended, but I sure ended here.

I know the deal, you are supposed to introduce yourself and all when a blog is created, but I beg to differ. I am not like that. Think of this as a budding new relationship that unveils as I continue on with my short stories.


If you need to peek to my aesthetic, you can tap onto my image gallery on instagram, where I can be found under @jasminaek


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