100 nations

Sometimes when i am sad, i forget about my professionalism

I want to focus on my coreer more, i want to have relationships where I listen and also act towards shared dreams. I want to be the sholder a friend can cry for, and to have a strong output.

Sometimes I contact to my friends when i need a shoulder, encouragement and love. but i’m not that person myself. Why is it difficult to work towards shared goals and tasks, when it doesn’t give you anything in the moment.

If i have a story, I don’t write

Relationships work in both ways, if I’m to be the person who doesn’t have faith, whom doesn’t care and give from their experiences, strengths. That’s what I’ll get. I will be left.

I’ve had 100 people in my life, encouraging me, when I have not been capabble, people who have done more for me, guided me, and still sometimes i think of myself first when there is time to act, I cant repare forever. When are you ready?

Sometimes just the fact that somebody is next to you can make a difference, a person who replies to your text messages, does heavy lifting at work,tells u to come over when you are lonely, and talks to you endless conversations when you dont have words to speak with. Whom are these,my best friends?

Those are strong people, who make it possible to go explore.

People who do the same thing everyday, keep their house in condition, go work every day for years even though its horrible and keep their relationships even when its hard.Those are the people i wanna be kinda, they make it possible: being available, by being rational. My way international.


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