Sorry for being a little blue, Mom. It's just that I miss you so. 

Have been missing you for years, even when u still were here. It's been a long journey. One that I do not wish upon anyone. My friend said: maybe it was her gift to you, letting go slowly. Today, we are laying you down in your final resting place. Me and my siblings. But know, you are always alive in our hearts. 


And we miss you so. I wish upon a little star that we day we shall meet again, be the same stardust.

Until then, please forgive me for being a little blue.


A simple song, it seems. Here I am with hundreds of others. 

Still I feel alone, but not in a bad way. I have my own space with people with their own spaces right next to me. Here we are, listening to her.

She is magical. She sings in her almost clean hair, no make-up, looking absolutely fucking fabulous 'cos she doesn't care. She has her voice, her talent, her instruments. And us. 


Clued to her stories, relating them to our own lives, the people we know, the places we've been. Connecting to our network connecting to other beings' networks, past, present and future. 

And so we are united - through her music. It's all connected. The entire universe. So I am never alone.