New Norwegian flights to North America

Miami was a random choice for a trip combining work and travel: I had to get to the U.S and while browsing through different travel options I came across new flight offers from Norwegian. I am generally suspicious of certain budget airlines (traumatised by Ryanair) but with less than 400€ for a return fare I just had to get it. Obviously this won’t serve you food, drinks, or even headphones and blankets (!). The new Norwegian planes are as good as any others. They have bigger windows that change colour depending of the time of the day. So you can never close them. This is supposed to make your jet-lag easier. To be honest I didn’t notice anything different. But it did make me less claustrophobic. The movie and music selection was excellent and free, the seats as big as any other airline, and everything generally nice and clean. Then the bad stuff: food and drinks. So if you want hot food you have to order it prior to your flight. And yes, it is a rip off. There is no hot food for purchase once in the plane. I mean it is perfectly ok to know that you have to pay for everything but that everything was pretty poor: like a sandwich, muffin and instant coffee, outrageously overpriced, of course. I did have a tea for 3 euros so if you fly with them, take your own food! Another thing that really annoyed me was that they limited walking in the aisles (due to U.S laws, as they claimed?!) so you were not allowed to queue for toilets standing up, for example. This, I never heard before. As far as I know, no other airline does this. I have been to many nice corridor drinking parties on my way to the States before (British Airways, always the best aisle parties and free booze!) so this was to be missed. But overall: 400€ for a return to States: hell yeah I’ll go hungry!




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