The outcomes to me from experiencing CEA 2018 – and New business idea from group reflections


About our modules in CEA 2018; first module was ”Organizing and performing christmas” second, ”Experiencing economy”, third ”Nordic phenomena as tourism experiences” and fourth the last one ”Gastronomy s tourism experience”. I see that my knowledge bout these themes are after the summer school a lot more indepth indeed. I wanted to see and learn of the fundamentals of finnish lapland´s – and Rovaniemi´s tourism ”creation” and that fullfilled very well with these modules and our practical smmer school experience. For me propably to see how ”christmas” is created in Rovaniemi area, different viewpoints and needs and the service providers there, and then the gastronomy- part was mst valuable and new informtions to me. As I wrote in earlier blogpost – that to realize (what I had thought already many times but haven´t heard it from tourism professor) that there really isn´t any reason to try to force some gastronomy culture or some dishes or ingridients to really only be from this very place or destination – but to use common ingredients (today´s world is global and you simply get everything from everywhere basically) BUT CREATE YOUR OWN STORY into this food you serve and the place and environment (eg. nature) were you offer your experience to customer is the thing. And gastronomy is the big thing at the moment and will maybe always be as an essential part of creating tourism experiences. (People need food and they will remember it way more easier than they will remember eg. how it was to stand with 1000 other tourist in front of the whatever sightseeing creation). So FOOD is very important and you an make or brake a lot with its quality and if you have or not the story and ”real”, authentic servers behind it.


I am also interested to become an entrepreneur in near future in my career path. I have my business idea and it is different than this, but the next idea ganarated into my mind (again) during our last feedback and refelection session in CEA 2018.

I might come up with this idea already before, but now it came straight to my brain and thoughts in the middle of our last day when we spent time with tho whole group in discussing about the summer school, the experiences and outcomes of it indeed and the reflections. There was so much good and valuable stuff in this week. So much good discussiond, ideas. Only one problem,- which is common to intensive studying or working – you feel like you need so much more time. You feel at least that you want to record every conversation, – were you are in but surely those you don´t even hear because of – well, it is not possible. So the idea of mine is how to actually catch, record and save all the data from lectures, discussions, reflections- all the voices simply what you have. So this is now in the ideation phase, what kind of technical support and device( s) this would require, but the idea is simply that we miss too much relevant and interesting information and insights in our everyday life (related to studying and workinf life in this sence) and we must have device to be able to collect and use this material with today´s technic and get the possibility to re- listen and learn about the outcome.

Imagine you sitting in a feedback session of a great intensive study week or project work ending with your work mates – usually all the best insights comes last. And all this will many times just excist in this very moment and you don´t have a change to re-capture its information for futur anymore ater the very session. So this tool will make it possible.


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